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How to dress for a job interview?

Nailing Your Next Job Interview: A Guide to Choosing the Right Outfit

A job interview is a stressful event for almost every person, including for this reason – in terms of the attire in which to attend. Is a jacket and pants enough, or is something more needed? What kind of blouse to choose? What makeup, and to what extent, is appropriate for a job interview? These and many other questions will be answered in this article. If you have no idea how to dress for a job interview, be sure to read the following texts, in which we discuss basic tips and advices along with specific examples of interview outfits.

How to dress for a job interview

How to dress appropriately for a job interview?

How not to dress for a job interviewThe first impression during a job interview (even if people often don’t admit it) is very important.

The contact and the first few seconds that follow between you and a potential employer can create the atmosphere in which the interview will take place, and most importantly, the employer can form a certain opinion of you, whether they want to or not.

That’s why it’s important to present yourself as a person worth hiring right from the start. Your appearance and several other factors also play a role in your success at the interview.

The first of these is certainly etiquette, i.e. what you should/may and definitely should not wear to a job interview. There are certain rules that should be followed.

Another factor, for example, is the color of your clothing, as it can express who you are.

Last, but not least, is dress-code, which is the way you dress determined by the nature of the company you are applying to.

The purpose of the dress-code is that your appearance should match the position you want to apply for and that you should represent the potential company (and employer) with your appearance.

Colors of clothes for a job interview

It may surprise you, but the colors of your clothes can tell a lot about you.

Of course, you should look at it this way that now you don’t plan to shine at a job interview in an amazing bright t-shirt and bright red pants. They’ll certainly remember you that way, but they also won’t hire you anywhere in that kind of attire.

What clothing pattern to wear to a job interview

When it comes to patterns on the clothing, it’s best if you don’t wear anything with distinctive patterns to a job interview. Opt for something classic, modest, dignified and understated. Wondering what color of clothes you should go to a job interview in?

black suit for a job interviewBlack color

This is an absolute classic, which it is impossible to go wrong with.

Blackness, jacket or pants look good on practically anyone, representing a certain dignity, conservatism and authority.

However, don’t go overboard with black (after all, you’re not dressing up for a funeral) and complement it with other colors, such as a white and gray shirt.

Blue color

The color blue is a very good choice, because it is neither distinctive nor dull or inconspicuous, and yet a person in a navy blue jacket is somehow an eye-catching object.

If your primal goal is to inspire confidence in your employer, then navy blue or marine blue is the right color for you.

Brown color

The brown color gives a rather pleasant and calming atmosphere.

If you are a person who doesn’t know what to wear to a job interview, try the brown color – it will give your appearance a non-aggressive character.

Grey color

For this color, you should definitely combine it with something else. Gray looks very good, but in the case of pure gray it can look a bit too subtle.

However, if combined with another color, it can exude a certain kind of skill and potential.

White color

This color is more suitable as a complement in a combination with other colors mentioned above. This does not mean that it is not a good choice, after all, a white t-shirt or blouse will make you look quite sincere and honest, but in the case of wearing a lot of white you may “shout”, so to speak, at a potential employer during an interview.

You shouldn’t make the mistake with wearing these colors, you just need to engage a little imagination, and immediately the impression of you will rise several levels.

It’s best not to use colors such as red, orange or yellow, because it’s almost inconceivable to combine them with other colors at a job interview in any decent way.

Some basic rules for dressing for a job interview

While nowhere is it explicitly written “for an interview you must wear this and this you definitely must not wear,” there are some unwritten rules by which a potential employer may judge you or what you would like to wear.

What not to wear to a job interview

  • Even if it’s hot in the summer, don’t forget that you shouldn’t wear shorts, a T-shirt or, God forbid(!), sandals or flip-flops to a job interview.
  • A slipshod appearance, too much makeup or inadequately manicured nails are also criteria that can decide your fate at a job interview
  • Headwear is not very appropriate for a job interview, and certainly not hats, caps and similar nonsense.
  • Jeans/jeans – they are simply taboo, forbidden, just no!
  • Leave torn jeans at home for another occasion
  • T-shirts with patterns, writings and pictures should be worn to a festival, concert, but definitely not to a job interview
  • Definitely avoid any provocative clothes, overly erotic styles, mini skirts and deep necklines.

What you can wear to a job interview

  • instructions on proper dressCleanliness and hygiene should be a matter of course for you
  • Proper selfcare is the foundation of looking good
  • Instead of dressing in bold and extravagant clothes, trust in a classic style of dressing
  • Your clothing should match the position you are applying for and the type of company you want to get into
  • Be careful with jewelry, small accessories are enough, but don’t wear too many of them
  • Strive for simplicity rather than complexifying
  • Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in, even when sitting down

What should a woman wear to a job interview

  • For a job interview, choose a combination of dresses, a jacket or simply a blouse or sweater
  • Under no circumstances should you wear anything with a large neckline
  • Forget about see-through clothing or pieces of clothing that reveal too much
  • Choose the right skirt length to avoid looking too provocative
  • Sleeveless dresses should be complemented with a jacket, for example
  • As for shoes, it is recommended to wear nice shoes with heels
  • In exceptional cases, you do not need to wear tights on hot days.
  • Makeup, like jewelry, should be simple and soft.

What should a man wear to a job interview

  • Shirt, suit and tie are classics, which you can’t fool around with them (but don’t use anything with patterns)
  • Choose soft and darker colors
  • A tie is not always necessary
  • When it comes to shoes, it is recommended (as in other cases) to use dark colors – black or brown, depending on the overall outfit
  • Do not wear ankle socks to a job interview
  • No shorts, norts, or other short pants, etc.

menswear and job interview

Company culture and dress-code

Much depends on what kind of company you want to work for and which profession you chose. Is it a job in a bank or some sort of an institution?

Do you want a management position, or do you want to work under someone? Is it a job in an IT company, a job in social media, or something else? Therefore, it is extremely important to first explore and research the company’s profile, what it does, what its spirit is, what the company’s culture is, etc.

You also need to consider that your outfit will reflect who you are, who you want to be, and will reveal something about you during the interview.

What clothes should you wear to a job interview in different sectors of the job market?

A smart casual style will come in handy if you want to apply for a job in the multimedia industry. This may include jobs in news agencies, PPC companies or even in customer service.

Women are advised to wear classic dark pants paired with a blouse.

Of course, you won’t go wrong by wearing a shirt, skirt or even a dress. The point is to look nice and decent. As for footwear, ballerinas or court shoes are recommended.

Men are advised to wear a jacket, shirt and dark-colored pants to the interview for this type of work.

Business casual style for a job interview

Business casual style is designed for work in public institutions, offices, assistant positions or in the representation of stores or educational institutions.

For this type of styling, women are recommended to wear such elements of clothing as a suit, skirt, shirt, sweater, but also, for example, a jacket. The colors should be kept rather in darker shades combined with white.

Men, on the other hand, should try to choose such outfits as a classic long-sleeved shirt, a classic jacket, long trousers and closed shoes. The rule of combining dark colors with simpler patterns applies here as well.

The formal business look is mainly applicable to positions where managerial and executive functions are involved, in financial institutions, etc. Women in these positions are strongly advised to reach out for a suit or a sheath dress.

Definitely don’t wear anything bright for a job interview, rather choose darker and softer colors.  Men need to look resolute and dignified, so they should wear a tie, shirt, jacket and pants – in short, the classics.


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