Pants size chart

Pants size chartOn this page you will find size charts of pants. Individual Pants sizes may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Choosing the right size is not as easy as it may seem. The market offers many different variants of types and cuts (slim, skinny, straight, …). However, it is important to keep in mind that not for everyone – everything fits perfectly, and we should be choosing properly when we are choosing pants. The length of the trousers in the size chart is measured from strip to floor.

Pants size chart

Pants numbering and sizes

You may wonder why your pants are just 36 or 28. The reason is simple. The number indicates the perimeter of the waistband. In some pants we see two numbers (W and L). The first number indicates the waist circumference (in inches), the second number indicates the leg length (in inches).

Conversion of inch sizes to cm


  • waist circumference: 36 * 2.54 = 91 cm
  • leg length (measured from crotch to floor) 28 * 2.54 = 71 cm

Size chart of men’s pants sizes

SizeSizeBody height (in cm)Waist circumference (in cm)Hips circumference (in cm)Pants length (in cm)
403XL201 -102 -115 -122 -

Women’s pants size chart

SizeSizeBody height (in cm)Waist circumference (in cm)Hips circumference (in cm)Pants length (in cm)

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Conversion chart

USA (US) 2830313334363839
United Kingdom (UK)2628303234363840
France, Italy3637383940414245
DE, PL, SK,4244464850525456

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