Belts size charts

Belts size chartsSize chart of belts and individual dimensions of belts. Incorrectly selected belt size can cause a lot of trouble, so it is important to be sure of the correct size before buying.

To determine the appropriate length, measure your existing belt or measure your waistline using a tailor tape.

Another important dimension is the width of the belt and the width of the belt loops. It is ideal to choose a width that can be used with multiple pants.

The size of the belt could be also determined according to the size chart. For belts with a classic buckle, the length corresponds to the distance of the buckle edge along the center hole (not the maximum length of the belt).

Belts size charts

Size in cm82-8592-95100110120

How to best estimate the size of your belt

You can also get the approximate length of your belt by multiplying the width of your trousers by 2,54.

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