Work clothes size chart

Work clothes size chartOn this page you will find a chart of sizes for workwear. Individual work clothes and their sizes may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

Work clothes size chart

Men’s working clothes sizes – basic height 182 cm

Chest circumference (cm)889296100104108112116120124128132
Waist circumference (cm)7478828894100106112118124130136


The size chart shows the dimensions of the trousers – not our figure!

Note: cotton is a natural product that can shrink up to 3% during washing – choose a looser size.

SizeWaist circumferenceInner length of the trousersTotal length of trousers
4270 - 73 cm82 cm109 cm
4474 - 77 cm82 cm109 cm
4678 - 81 cm82 cm109 cm
4882 - 85 cm81 cm109 cm
5086 - 89 cm81 cm109 cm
5290 - 93 cm81 cm109 cm
5494 - 97 cm81 cm109 cm
5698 - 101 cm81 cm109 cm
58102 - 105 cm80 cm109 cm
60106 - 111 cm80 cm109 cm
62112 - 117 cm80 cm109 cm
64118 - 122 cm80 cm109 cm

Sizes for women’s workwear – basic height 170 cm

Chest circumference (in cm)8084889296100104108112116120
Waist circumference (in cm)62667074788286909498102

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