How to Know Your Bra Size?

If you’re wondering how to know your bra size, you’ve come to the right place for an answer. Bra size is determined by a few simple measurements. We have made the process even easier with our simple bra size calculator. There are numerous methods to determine bra size. The fastest way to answer the question how to know your bra size is to visit the calculator link above. Still, I’ll include the basics here:

According to the bra size chart, we will be using centimeters to find the best fit. You can also watch some videos on youtube which will assist, and you may find our list of bra sizes in order.

How to Know Your Bra Size

1st – Bra Band Measurement

During the measurement process, wear a sheer, comfortably snug bra, not to loose, but not tight either. This is the first step to how to know your bra size.

Place the tape measure under the shoulder blades and around the front to just under your breasts. The tape may lift slightly higher as it comes around your body. Do not let this happen. Make sure the tape is completely flat, even with the ground and not pulled too tight.

Measure in centimeters. For example, if you measured 79.375 centimeters under your breasts, your measurement would correspond to band size 36. Make a note of band size 36.

2nd – Bra Cup Size

This time the tape goes around your back and over the fullest part of your breasts. Measure straight around your back and across the center thickest part of your breast). Write this number down as well.

Now reference the table below. Follow the column down from your band size (36 in this case) and find the row that includes your measurement.

If your number is on the border between cups size, you may want to try both cups sizes to determine which one provides the best fit and comfort for your shape. Your almost there, to tell how to know your bra size.

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Let’s say you measurement in centimeters, and come in right at 99 centimeters. This would make your cup size a D. You should then try bras in size 36D.

If your measurement had been 98 centimeters, you might want to try sizes 36C and 36D. If this doe snot come up with the perfect fit, try out bra calculator or our bra sizing tips.

In addition to information on this page, tt may be helpful for you to visit our cup size chart for bra cup sizes. If you have questions or need additional information please let us know in comments below.


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