Bra Sizes by Age

Before we get into the age specific topic girls bra sizes by age and training bra sizes, we recently found user queries for a breast chart. some were speaking in general terms, as in bra chart, but others wanted an age specific breast chart. Our website has both.

Bra Sizes by Age

Breast Sizes and Bra Sizes by Age with Chart

We searched several online health forums and found the below information on bra sizes and age, as well as breast size by age. Several women were surveyed and provided their relative bra size at specific ages in their teens.

This should prove a helpful guide young women, or their mothers, wondering about age specific breast changes and bra sizes. It should help determine when start wearing training bras, what changes to expect, etc. A chart is just below and the survey is below that. We also mention girls bra sizes and training bra sizes, as many web visitors had some questions, teenager bra size chart was one interesting one.

Most of the teens and women surveyed stated that they started wearing a training bra by age 11, noticed changes by age 12 and were wearing an A Cup. They grew consistently thereafter up to about age 16-17. At this age breast generally stopped growing and they began wearing their adult sized bra.

Here are typical responses from the survey on age and bra size and breast size. In some cases growth was slow and consistent, but in most cases breasts grew quickly between ages 12-14. Bra sizes changed accordingly as well. You know breasts size vary so it’s important to find the right fit.

Make sure to view the breast chart at the bottom of the page. It gives a good of girls bra sizes and breast growth at given stages of development. We also have a list of web visitor questions below.

Girls Bra Sizes

Girl 1

Age 10: Training bra
Age 11: A
Age 12: A
Age 13: C – Says breasts grew quickly between ages 12 and 13, which is typical
Age 14: C
Age 15: C
Age 16: D
Age 17: DD
Age 18: DD

Girl 2

Age 10: First changes and training bra
Age 11: Training bra
Age 12: Fulll A
Age 13: Full B small C
Age 14: Full B small C
Age 15: Full B small C
Age 16: Full C
Age 17: Full C small D Depending on bra maker

Girl 3

Age 9: Training bra
Age 10: A
Age 11: A
Age 12: B
Age 13: B
Age 14: B
Age 15: C

Girl 4

Age 10: Training bra
Age 11: AA
Age 12: A cup bra
Age 13: A cup bra
Age 14: 34B sized bra

Girl 5

Age 10: Training bra or A cup
Age 11: A
Age 12: B
Age 13: C
Age 14: C
Age 15: D
Age 16: D

Girl 6

Age 10: Training
Age 11: A
Age 12: A
Age 13: B
Age 14: B
Age 15: B
Age 16: C
Age 17: C
Age 18: C
Age 19: C

Web Visitor Questions and Answers:

1. What is the best training bra age, or what age to start a training bra is a frequent question we get.

Go with a training bra around age 10, but this is dependent on the girls development and maturity level. A “birds and the bees” type discussion should take place.

Training Bra Sizes

2. Training bra sizes, what are they? 

They are available in small, medium, or large sizes. Since there is not much breast  size at this age, the real purpose is to hide the nipple.

3. Teenage bra sizes chart or Teenage breast sizes chart – There really is no “norm” for teenage bra sizes, breast size, and there are not separate teen sizes. The breast chart page will suffice for measurements, or you can use our bra size calculator.

4.  Average bra size or breast size for teenager – As we said earlier, thee is no set rule for different ages, but there is a trend that can be followed. There are more case studies which we will post soon to offer ore information.

  • What is the average bra size or breast size at age 13: Size B
  • What is the average bra size or breast size at age 14: Size B
  • What is the average bra size or breast size at age 15: Size C
  • What is the average bra size or breast size at age 16: Size C + (trending towards full adult bra size at this time)

5.  Bras for girls age 12 – We don’t sell bras, if you intend to shop, but yes bras for girls age 12 are a good idea, they are typically in an A cup at this age

6.  What are girls bra sizes?

There are not  separate girls bra sizes. You may see a small, medium and large (sizes), but your best best is to use the adult cup sizes and measuring techniques, then just “upgrade” each year as needed.

7.  Average bra size for a 13 year old – See above – The average bra size for a 13 year old is B

Read also:

What is the average bra size?

Women are programmed since an early age that breast size and bra size are closely aligned with femininity and being attractive. There is the concept that bigger is better, which is the reason for so many implants.

Women’s bodies are different so there may not be an average bra size. Statistically speaking though, there is. According to the Huffington Post in an article by the lingerie company Intimacy, the average bra size is 34DD. It has jumped from a 34B 20 years ago to a 34DD in 2013. According to the study and the article, weight gain and breast implants have played a role in the increase in average bra size.

The biggest factor is that women are choosing a more appropriate size. “Women are more educated about bra fit” Intimacy spokeswoman Kate Terhune stated to the Huffington Post. This matches our research which indicated most women wear bra sizes that are too small and constricting. Average bra size would increase, now that women are more educated on bra fit and sizing. This cup size figure 34DD is current, based on our research.

Back to the study though, Intimacy interviewed more than 60,000 customers at its 16 stores nationwide in determining the average bra size, and compared the results to a similar study it did in 1992. Far more bra sizes are available now and the results are clear, the average bra size is 34DD.

On a cultural note, some studies show that women with larger breasts and bra size are perceived as unintelligent, yet more desirable by men. Whereas women with smaller breast are viewed as more intelligent and often regarded as the girl next door. Where does that leave the woman with average bra size? Regardless, most women are ashamed of their bra size feeling that too small or too large determines their self-worth. Maybe average bra size is best! In reality though, body frame, height, and genetics all have a factor in determining bra size.

Many women also find that after being properly fitted they are actually a larger size than the bra they wear. The end result can often lead to more self-confidence when their clothes fit better and they actually feel better as a result of the correct bra size.


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