Proper Fitting Bra, Correct Size and Proper Bra Fit

Studies indicate that most women wear the wrong bra size much of their lives. This results from lack of proper instruction on bra selection, fitting tips, and overall lack of awareness in choosing the right bra.

Proper Fitting Bra, Correct Size and Proper Bra Fit

The Proper Fitting Bra and How to Find It

A proper fitting bra makes for better health, proper comfort in clothes, and provides a boost even to one’s self confidence. Finding the correct size and proper bra fit is no easy task, but here are some tips.

Bra Shopping Tips:

  • When purchasing a bra make sure to try it on. Each brand and style can fit differently.
  • With the proper fitting bra and right bra size, you should never hurt or feel uncomfortable.
  • If wearing an underwire bra the wire should lay flat.
  • Wearing the right bra can actually change how your clothes fit. A poor fitting bra can give the image of bad posture or extra weight.
  • When choosing a properly fitted bra, select a bra that fits on the inside hook. This gives you lots of room for adjustment.
  • If you gain or lose a few pounds, the right bra size will change with you

How to know if you are wearing the wrong size bra:

Some signs include, you are only able to wear the bra on the last hook. A bra that fits on the last hook is a signal that the bra is too small. There should be two fingers width between your back and the bra. Can’t place two fingers there it is too tight. More than two fingers it is way too loose.

You have bulges over the top of the band

For correct size and proper bra fit. you should not have it squeeze so tight that you have skin pushed above the bands. This makes you uncomfortable and your clothes not fit well. This is NOT perfect bra size nor a proper fitting bra!

The band leaves indentions at the end of the day

This painful sign proves that you are in need of a step up. Accurately measuring your bra size and selecting the proper fitting bra will not leave you with these painful marks at the end of the day.

The wires are poking into your arm

A proper cup size will not cause the underwire bra to poke well into your under arm. This helps in choosing the correct size and proper bra fit.

Your wire rests on your breast

The underwire of your bra should fit flat under your breast. Having it ride up on breast tissue is a sign that you are not wearing the correct bra size.

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You develop health issues

A poor fitting bra can cause a multitude of health issues including shoulder and back pain, shallow breathing, poor posture, indigestion, and headaches. Find perfect bra size, and a proper fitting bra for you and let us know the results! In addition to information on this page, it may be helpful for you to visit our cup size chart for bra cup sizes. If you have questions or need additional information please let us know in comments below.


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