Average Bra Size for a 14 Year Old

What is the average bra size for a 14 year old? The short answer is B to small C. A survey was done of several hundred teenage girls and results were determined. More information can be found below.Average Bra Size for a 14 Year Old

Again though, the survey consensus states average bra size for a 14 year old is B. As you can see below there is a trend to determine in general what age relates to what bra size. Of course a girl destined for a larger bust size will have be ahead of the curve so to speak. Most of these examples end with a C cup.

Examples of 14 Year Old and their bra size

Age 10: Training bra
Age 11: A
Age 12: A
Age 13: C – Says breasts grew quickly between ages 12 and 13, which is typical
Age 14: C
Age 15: C
Age 16: D
Age 17: DD
Age 18: DD

Age 10: First changes and training bra
Age 11: Training bra
Age 12: Fulll A
Age 13: Full B small C
Age 14: Full B small C
Age 15: Full B small C
Age 16: Full C
Age 17: Full C small D Depending on bra maker

Age 9: Training bra
Age 10: A cup
Age 11: A cup
Age 12: B cup
Age 13: B cup
Age 14: B cup
Age 15: C cup

Age 10: Training bra
Age 11: AA
Age 12: A cup bra
Age 13: A cup bra
Age 14: 34B sized bra

Age 10: Training bra or A cup
Age 11: A bra cup
Age 12: B bra cup
Age 13: C bra cup
Age 14: C bra cup
Age 15: D bra cup
Age 16: D

Age 10: Training
Age 11: A size cup
Age 12: A size bra
Age 13: B size bra cup
Age 14: B size
Age 15: B size bra
Age 16: C size bra cup
Age 17: C size bra
Age 18: C size cup
Age 19: C size bra

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  1. This is NOT true for all, im 13 and wear a 36 DD, I was measured at victoria secrets, same with my 11 year old cousin who wears a 30 D, and very rarely does a 19 year old wear a C cup, this is false info.

    1. no it’s nit they are going if averages and also a 30 d is the same volume as a 36 A so calm down

    2. Victoria’s secret’s measurements are false. If you’re a DD at victoria’s secret, then you’re actually a D. If you’re a D at victoria’s secret, then you’re a C. If you’re a C at victoria’s, then you’re a B, and if you’re a B, then you’re actually an A. It always depends on the store, sizes are not the same everywhere. Besides, a 36 D (which you are) can wear a 36 C, and a 30 C (which your cousin is) can wear a 30 B, so it also depends on what you choose. And actually, a C for a 19 year old is pretty average.

    3. very true i’m 14 and i’m a d cup i struggle a lot with this and always feel uncomfortable in pe lessons at school cuz we do a lot of jumping around

      1. Do you wear sports bras at school? I’m an A cup so I don’t feel your struggle but a well-fitting sports bra does hold everything in place if you get the right size

    4. No, this is based on statistics and multiple girls have been surveyed, so this is not false information. Just because it doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean you can get all salty and throw a conniption fit.

  2. I’m 14 and a 36D, so it’s a bit awkward. I get that it can vary between people, and I’ve been seen as older than I actually am- partly because of my appearance and partly because of my bust. If you’re an A or a B or a C, it doesn’t matter – the average is a 34A/34B but that doesn’t define you, it doesn’t mean that you’re below or above average and it doesn’t make it a bad thing if you’re not the average.

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