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Size chart ZaraSize charts Zara women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, formal and elegant apparel shirts, jackets, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, stockings and leggings Zara…

Size Charts Zara

Fashion brand Zara comes from Spanish Galicia. Its goal was to create affordable versions of extra luxury clothing. Today is Zara widespread worldwide. It offers not only clothing and footwear, but also jewelry and accessories for women, men and children in different price categories.

The company is unique in the rapid introduction of products to the market, so it is able to keep current fashion trends and respond in time to customer demand.

Size chart of Zara shoes

The values in the size charts refer to the length of the foot, not the length of the shoe.

Size chart of women’s shoes

EU sizes3536373839404142
US sizes566.57.5891011
Foot Length (in cm)22.823.42424.625.32626.627.3


Size chart of women’s shoes Zara – dual sizes

EU sizes36/3738/3940/41
Foot Length (in cm)2425.326.6


Size chart for men’s shoes

EU sizes394041424344454647
UK sizes5678910111213
US sizes67891011121314
Foot Length (in cm)25.325.826.42727.628.328.929.630.3


Childrens shoe size charts Zara

EU sizes2627282930313233
Foot Length (in cm)16.216.817.518.218.819.520.220.9
EU sizes34353637383940
Foot Length (in cm)21.622.222.923.624.224.925.6


Children’s shoe sizes – double sizes

EU sizes26-2728-2930-3132-3334-3536-3738-39
Age4 years5 years6 years7-8 years9-10 years11-12 years13-14 years
Foot Length (in cm)16.2-16.817.5-18.218.8-19.520.2-20.921.6-22.222.9-23.624.2-24.9


Zara shoe size chart for newborns

EU sizes1315-1617-18
Age0-3 months3-6 months6-9 months
Foot Length (in cm)81011


Size chart of infants’ shoes

EU sizes1819202122232425
Foot Length (in cm)10.811.512.212.813.514.214.815.5



Size charts for women’s clothing Zara


US sizes26272829303132
Chest circumference (in cm)8286909498102106
Waist circumference (in cm)64667074788286
Hips circumference (in cm)909498102106110114
Chest circumference (in cm)8082869096102108
Waist circumference (in cm)58626670768288
Hips circumference (in cm)86909498104110116


Stockings and leggings Zara

Height (in cm)160-170165-180
Weight (in kg)45-6555-80
Hips circumference (in cm)94-9898-104



Chest circumference (in cm)859095
Hips circumference (in cm)95100105


Size charts for men’s clothing

Coats, T-shirts, polo shirts and sweaters Zara

Chest circumference (in cm)91-9696-101101-107107-112112-117


Suits and jackets

EU sizes44464850525456
UK - USA sizes34363840424446
Chest circumference (in cm)88-9092-9496-98100-102104-106108-110112-114



EU sizes3840424446
UK - USA sizes1415161718
Chest circumference (in cm)91-9696-101101-107107-112112-117


Jeans and trousers

EU sizes36384042444648
IT sizes42444648505254
UK - USA sizes29303132343638
Waist circumference (in cm)72-7376-7780-8184-8588-8992-9396-97
Hips circumference (in cm)91-9295-9699-100103-104107-108111-112115-116


Sports pants, tracksuits, shorts and underwear Zara

Waist circumference (in cm)66-7272-7878-8484-9090-9696-102


Check also sizes of clothes:

Size charts for children’s clothing

Height (in cm)5662687480869298104
Chest circumference (in cm)414345474951535556
Waist circumference (in cm)424446484950515253
Hips circumference (in cm)434547495153555758


Height (in cm)110116122128134140152164
Chest circumference (in cm)5962656871747984
Waist circumference (in cm)5557596163656871
Hips circumference (in cm)6164677073768186

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