Levi’s Size Chart

Size chart Levi'sOn this page you will find size charts of Levi’s clothes. Levi Strauss & Company is a private clothing company based in San Francisco, founded by German-Jewish immigrant Levi Strauss, known for its jeans brand. Today it is one of the largest fashion brands in the world and has stores in more than 110 countries.

Size chart Levi’s

Size chart of Levi’s shoes

Men’s shoe size charts

EU sizes36373838.5394040.5414242.54343.5
UK sizes44.555.566.577.588.599.5
US sizes55.566.577.588.599.51010.5
JP sizes2323.52424.52525.52626.52727.52828.5
Mondopoint (in mm)230235240245250255260265
EU sizes44454646.54747.5484950
UK sizes1010.51111.51212.5131415
US sizes1111.51212.51313.5141516
JP sizes (in cm)2929.53030.53131.53232.533
Mondopoint (in mm)270275280285290295300

Size charts for women’s shoes

EU sizes3636.5373838.5394040.5
UK sizes3.544.555.566.57
US sizes55.566.577.588.5
JP sizes (in cm)2222.52323.52424.52525.5
Mondopoint (in mm)230235240245250
EU sizes414242.5434444.54546
UK sizes7.588.599.51010.511
US sizes99.51010.51111.51213
JP sizes (in cm)2626.52727.52828.52929.5
Mondopoint (in mm)255260265270275280


Size charts for men’s clothing Levi’s

Size charts of tops

Size Levi's01234
Neck circumference (in cm)37.4-37.738.1-38.739-4040.9-41.942.8-43.8
Chest circumference (in cm)81.3-86.488.9-9496.5-101.6104.1-109.2111.8-116.8
Waist circumference (in cm)66-71.173.7-78.781.3-86.488.9-9496.5-101.6
Hips circumference (in cm)81.3-86.489-9496.5-101.6104.1-109.2111.8-116.8

Plus sizes of men’s Levi’s clothes

Neck circumference (in cm)44.7-45.746.6-47.648.5-49.551.1-5253.6-54.6
Chest circumference (in cm)119.4-124.5127-132.1137.2-142.2147.3-152.4157.5-162.6
Waist circumference (in cm)104.1-109.2111.8-116.8122-127132.1-137.2142.2-147.3
Hips circumference (in cm)119.4-124.5127-132.1137.2-142.2147.3-152.4157.5-162.6

Size charts for Levi’s Bottom

Waist circumference (in cm)67.3-68.569.8-71.172.3-73.674.9-76.277.4-78.780-81.2
Hips circumference (in cm)81.2-82.583.7-8586.2-87.588.7-9091.2-92.593.7-95
Thigh circumference (in cm)51.25-52.552.5-53.7553.75-5555-56.2556.25-57.557.5-58.75
Waist circumference (in cm)82.5-83.885-86.387.6-88.990.1-91.492.7-95.297.7-100
Hips circumference (in cm)96.2-97.598.7-100101-102.5103-105106-108.7111-133.7
Thigh circumference (in cm)58.75-6057.5-61.2560-62.562.5-6565-67.567.5-70
Waist circumference (in cm)102-105107-110113-115118-120123-125128-130
Hips circumference (in cm)116-118.7121-123.7126-128.7131-133.7136-138.7141-143.7
Thigh circumference (in cm)68-7070-72.572-73.7573.75-76.2576-77.577.5-80
Waist circumference (in cm)133-135138-140143-146148-151153-156
Hips circumference (in cm)146-148.7151-153.7156-158.7161-163.7166-168.7
Thigh circumference (in cm)80-81.2581.25-83.7583-86.2583.75-8787-90

Trousers length

Body height (in cm)Trouser length
167,6 - 172,730
172,7 - 182,832
182,8 - 19334
193 - 198,136
198,1 - 203,238


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Size charts for ladies’ clothing Levi’s

Size charts of tops and dresses

Size Levi's01234
Chest circumference (in cm)79848994100108115
Waist circumference (in cm)62667176839099
Hips circumference (in cm)869197102108116123

Plus size clothes for women’s Levi’s

Chest circumference (in cm)108113118123128.25133
Waist circumference (in cm)9297102.25107112117.5
Hips circumference (in cm)115120125130136140

Ladies’ Size Charts Levi’s Bottom

Size Levi's00/00/12/34/56/78/910/1112/1314/1516/1718/20
Jeans size2425262728293031323334
Waist circumference (in cm)6466697274777983879096
Hips circumference (in cm)868991.59496.599101105109113118

Trousers length

Body height (in cm)Trouser length


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Oversized clothes

Size Levi's16W18W20W22W24W26W
Jeans size343638404244
Waist circumference (in cm)97102.25107112.25117.5122.5
Hips circumference (in cm)120125130135.25140145

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