Safe Days Calculator

This online safe days calculator will help you calculate a safe period for sex or infertile and fertile days between your menstrual cycle. The goal is to prevent unplanned pregnancies and also to know on which days it is easier to get pregnant.

Safe Days Calculator

Calculation of fertile and infertile days

A woman’s menstrual cycle usually lasts about 28-30 days, in some cases 25-35 days (it can be a few days shorter or longer). But just a few days in a cycle is guaranteed to be fertile.

Calendar and calculator of Safe days


First day of your last menstrual period
Cycle Length
Menstruation duration
Please, Enter all values correctly.
01 - Menstruation days
02 - Conventionally safe days
03 - Ovulation
04 - Favorable day for conceiving a girl
05 - Favorable day for conceiving a boy
06 - Safe days to conceive


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